Members and Visitors Dress Code

1. General
It is the responsibility of the House Committee to propose and for the Board of Directors to approve,
from time to time, rules for appropriate dress for all members and visitors both within the Clubhouse and out on the Course.
The Golf Professional and any Director has the authority to deny access to members, guests and visitors
who do not comply with the Dress Rules and who are inappropriately dressed.
Except in wholly exceptional circumstances, approved by the Board, headwear is not permitted in the Clubhouse.
Members are expected to adhere to the prescribed dress rules and also to ensure any invited guest or visitor equally does so.

2. All Members
Bolton Old Links, as a modern and progressive golf club, recognises how acceptable golf attire
and equal opportunities have progressed over the years. However it is mindful of club traditions,
respect for fellow members and the general etiquette of the game, that golfers and visitors both on the course
and in the clubhouse must maintain a respectable standard of dress considered acceptable in today’s modern day golf clubs.
The rules are not intended to be fully prescriptive and are, in some cases open to interpretation but members,
guests and visitors are expected to take personal responsibility
for observing standards of dress that reflects well on themselves and the club.
The club may hold specific functions from time to time requiring a more formal dress code.
These will be indicated and notified accordingly well in advance.

2.1 In the Clubhouse
After playing golf you may go into the clubhouse in your golf attire however please remove any headgear.
Clothing deemed unacceptable on the course is also deemed unacceptable in the clubhouse.
In addition to golf attire, clean smart casual dress is also permitted in the clubhouse including denim.
Modern casual shoes are permitted including smart trainers, sandals, loafers and deck shoes.
Not permitted are shoes and flip flops with a single toe attachment.
No outdoor waterproof over clothing may be worn in the clubhouse at any time.

2.2 On The Course
Smart golf apparel acquired through a recognised golf outfitter or supplier must be worn at all times.
Tailored Shorts worn with socks are permitted.
Recognised golf shoes must be worn.
Caps must be worn in the conventional mode.
Unacceptable Clothing includes:
Denim, tracksuits, football attire, beach wear, cargo or combat trousers or shorts, trainers and non-recognised golf shoes.

If in any doubt please ask in the professional shop rather than risk the embarrassment of being told.
Where a member has a bona fide reason preventing them from complying with the Dress Rules,
then permission must be sought in writing from the Directors for dispensation to the Rules.